Body and Soul. Two Different Things.

Diane Kruger, Max Irons, Jake Abel & Stephenie Meyer @ The Host Book Signing

memorable lines: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

“No, not just any Seeker,” I whispered. “My Seeker.”
“What do you mean,your Seeker?”
“Assigned to me, following me. She's the reason –
“The reason?” he prompted.
“The reason I ran away,” I breathed. “The reason I came here

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The Host  |  Behind The Scenes [x]


25 Scenes until The Host Premiere - {10/25}

“I just have one question,” Jared said, interrupting us.  “You can probably guess what it is. Jeb and Jamie spent all night jabbering at me…”

I waited for the question, staring across the dark hall at the rice bag - last night’s pillow. In my peripheral vision, I saw his hand come up, and I cringed into the wall.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said again, impatient, and cupped my chin in his rough hand, pulling my face around so I had to look at him.

“Wanda.” He said my name slowly - unwillingly, I could tell, though his voice was even and toneless. “Is Melanie still alive - sill part of you? Tell me the truth.”

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“But I love you,” he whispered. Doesn’t that matter?”

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Favorite quotes from The Host

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Humanity is all but extinct

“The girl in there…” Jared said slowly.


“That body doesn’t belong to her.”

“Your point?”

Jared’s voice was hard when he answered. “Keep your hands off it.”

A low chuckle from Ian. “Jealous, Howe?”