2011 tumblr aesthetic. comments under every post and an accompanying gif of rachel from glee. oversaturated graphics with eight frames to keep under the 500kb limit. having lost the ability to can

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the taylor swift fandom: [COLLECTIVELY SCREECHES]

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So, here’s your first clue…

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"You should always try new things and challenge yourself. I think that's the fun part about fashion. There really are no rules about what you can do. The fun part about style and your look is that you can change it. It's like an ongoing art project."

Fans are my favorite thing in the world. I’ve never been the type of artist who has that line drawn between their friends and their fans. The line’s always been really blurred for me. I’ll hang out with them after the show. I’ll hang out with them before the show. If I see them in the mall, I’ll stand there and talk to them for 10 minutes.

A Look in the Details: 2014 Costume Institute Gala


do you have those memories that are really cringey and you never speak of and something triggers the memory and you want to fucking wash your brain out with bleach

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I wish so badly that I could talk about the new record, I really do, that’s all I want to talk about, it’s all I think about, I’m obsessed with it. All I can really tell you is that it’s my favourite thing of all I’ve ever done and I promise you, you’ll know why. 

I have been singing randomly, obsessively, obnoxiously for as long as I can remember.

davispetrashNot only is she an amazing artist but tonight she was an even better chef! Thanks for the wonderful dinner tonight @taylorswift (x)

Taylor Swift in Both of Us

Sophie Turner for Nylon Magazine Singapore (July 2014)

“My big dream is to look out into a crowd of thousands of people and have them singing the words to my songs. That to me would just be everything I’ve ever hoped for.