There’s a general rule that I always go by, and it’s that you fall for who you fall for. Whatever small issue you get hung up on, whether it’s because they’re shorter than you, younger than you or they live far away - if you really are crazy about someone, none of that matters.




i feel bad for twins that aren’t equally attractive

this was me and my twin prom night image

thank you for the text post

another year, another disappointment  


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"Having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty. It’s self-destruction."

—Bobby Sommer (via larmoyante)

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It's too cold outside for angels to fly.

I just saw your post on my dash... welcome back! :)

oooh thank you! i didn’t expect anyone to notice my absence  <3

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I write songs about my adventures and misadventures, most of which concern love. Love is a tricky business, but if it wasn’t i wouldn’t be so enthralled with it.

look who graduated and went to prom aka leaver’s ball yesterday!!!!

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Leaving her apartment in New York City